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Stay Connected in Meridian




“People who live in Meridian are drawn to the area because it’s safe and because of our family friendly environment with our community events, outstanding parks and abundant recreation opportunities.  Parents want their kids in our schools; grandparents want to live near their grandkids, and people want a community that cares for one another. This is Meridian.” - Former Mayor Tammy de Weerd


There is no mystery behind Meridian’s national status as one of the number one places to live in America.  Spanning the heart of the Treasure Valley between the rugged Rocky Mountains and the Snake River Valley, Meridian is the 3rd largest and fastest growing city in Idaho and, according to 24/7 Wall St., the nation’s top residential destination of choice.  And there are plenty of reasons why!


Let’s start with the people who are ultimately the personality and backbone of any strong community.  The residents of Meridian share a common mission: to work together to establish a safe and inviting community that is clean, calm, and family-friendly without becoming boring.  People come to Meridian for an opportunity to do what they love and to contribute to building a premier city in which to live, work, and raise a family: whether it’s Will and Lauren Wood who give generously through their Great Harvest bakery; Glen Wilson who works 24-hour shifts driving a fire engine and responding to emergency calls; or Travis Hawkes, a successful businessman and entrepreneur who devotes his time to helping local business owners build their brand through his consulting firm... or hundreds like them who have rolled up their sleeves and are working together to strengthen Meridian and it’s growing economy.  Unemployment is just 4% with new jobs being constantly created.


Cutting-edge healthcare facilities, high air quality, and abundance of outstanding recreation facilities and sports programs promote a healthy life-style.  Plentiful shopping, dining, and diverse entertainment venues keep residents busy year-round.  And a city government, who has prioritized adjusting law enforcement requirements to match the quickly growing population, has helped Meridian secure one of the lowest crime rates in Idaho for a city of it’s size.   


Perhaps the icing on the cake is that Meridian is a beautiful community.  Because the majority of residential neighborhoods are relatively new, they are manicured and well kept with neighborhood entrances that pride themselves on being distinct and aesthetically pleasing.  Add to that a sun that shines on Meridian most days of the year and four mild but distinct seasons: with blooming trees in the spring, green summers, vibrant falls, and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains in the winter.  Perfection!

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