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Surrounding Neighborhood

Early settlers in the Emmett Valley found it extremely difficult

to enter the valley from the Southeast due to the steep terrain

and most utilized the Overland Stage Route west of Emmett.

A few brave souls tried taking their wagons over the steep terrain

by locking or “freezing” their wagon wheels and sliding down

the hill.  If you wanted to go up the hill, the endeavor lasted all

day and required the work of multiple teams of horses to pull a

wagon up to the top.  Local lore tells the story of early freighters

fighting the bitter winter cold and almost freezing to death

before they could get to the bottom of the hill safely.  It didn’t

take long for folks to refer to this steep hill as “Freezeout”.  In

1919, a winding, switch-backed road was constructed making

the Southeast entry to Emmett a little easier.  The winding road

also provided stunning views of the “Valley of Plenty” around

each corner. Decades later, a new grade with no switch-backs

was completed to accommodate increased traffic levels between

Boise and Emmett.  The new road also provided a large turnout

to safely view the valley.  The original 1919 road became known

as “Old Freezeout”.  Today, this area on the South side of the valley is a popular location for homeowners to build their custom dream home because of the stunning views, easy commute to Boise and the rural atmosphere away from the traffic of “Freezeout” hill and the town of Emmett.

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