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Silver Creek

Located just north of Picabo, Idaho, Silver Creek is a tributary of the Little Wood River. Silver Creek is formed by dozens of springs bubbling up from an aquifer and is a prime example of a high desert, cold-spring ecosystem. This ecosystem supports a wide variety of big game animals, non-game animals, 150+ species of birds plus a vast array of insects. However, Silver Creek is best known for its trophy trout and fly fisherman travel from all over the world to try their luck at landing one of the big guys on their favorite dry fly. The Nature Conservancy owns 851 acres along the banks of Silver Creek itself and has successfully protected an additional 12,600 acres through conservation easements. On their website, The Nature Conservancy proclaims that the Silver Creek Preserve is “one of the most successful private stream conservation efforts ever undertaken for public benefit.” Don’t like to fish? No problem, visit the visitor’s center at the preserve to learn more about the ecosystem and hike along the self-guided nature trail. Silver Creek Preserve is just 5 minutes from your front door. Here is a link to the Silver Creek Preserve:



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