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Schools and Education


To compliment Meridian’s focus on families, the high quality education system is dedicated to success for every student and is well tailored to catering to the diverse needs, talents, abilities, and ambitions of Meridian residents.  The availability of multiple options put choice back in the hands of the parents who know their kids best and can work with educational professionals to find the most successful fit.


Meridian is within the West Ada School District and is home to four high schools, two alternate high schools, one online school high school, five middle schools, two alternative middle schools, and fifteen elementary schools.  There are two vocational schools, two charter schools, and four private schools.  For those families who choose to home school their children, there are also several home schooling cooperatives and other resources available in the area.








Barbara Morgan Stem Academy

1825 Chateau Drive


Chaparral Elementary (Modified Calendar School)

1155 N. Deer Creek Lane


Chief Joseph School of the Arts (Art Based School)

1100 E. Chateau Drive


Discovery Elementary (Self-Contained Gifted Program for further academic challenge)

2100 E. Leigh Field Dr


Hillsdale Elementary

5225 S. Howry Lane


Hunter Elementary 

2051 W. McMillan Road


Mary McPherson Elementary

1050 E. Amity Road


Meridian Elementary

1035 NW 1st Street


Paramount Elementary

550 W. Producer Drive


Peregrine Elementary

1860 Waltman Street


Ponderosa Elementary

2950 N. Naomi Avenue


Prospect Elementary

4300 N. Red Horse Way


River Valley Elementary

2900 E. River Valley Street


Siena Elementary

2870 East Rome Drive


Willow Creek Elementary

6195 N. Long Lake Way





Crossroads Middle School (Alternative Middle School with smaller environment) 650 N. Nola


Heritage Middle School (Self-Contained Gifted Program for further academic challenge and STEM school) 

4990 N. Meridian Road


Lewis and Clark Middle School (Language and Culture and STEM school)

4141 E. Pine Street


Meridian Middle School (STEM school)

1507 West 8th Street


Pathways Middle School (Alternative Middle School with smaller environment)

1855 E. Heritage Park Lane


Sawtooth Middle School

3730 N. Linder Road


Victory Middle School

920 W. Kodiak Drive





Central Academy (for at-risk students)

6075 N. Locust Grove


Meridian Academy (for at-risk students)

2311 E. Lanark


Meridian High

1900 W. Pine Avenue


Mountain View High

2000 S. Millennium Way


Rebound School of Opportunity (Online curriculum with staff support)

1450 E Watertower St


Renaissance High School (School of Choice with high academic rigor)

1307 E. Central Dr.


Rocky Mountain High

5450 N. Linder Road


Professional-Technical Programs


Ada Professional-Technical Center

1307 E. Central Drive Boise, ID 83642


Meridian Professional-Technical Center

1900 W. Pine St.





Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School

1789 E Leighfield Dr, Meridian, ID


Compass Charter School - Cherry Lane Campus K-6

2511 W. Cherry Lane


Compass Charter School Tech Lane Campus 7-12

1422 Tech Lane





Challenger School (Pre-8)

2020 W. Everest Lane


The Ambrose School (Classical Christian School)

6100 N. Locust Grove Rd


Sheridan Academy - accredited non-profit private school (6-12)

2273 E. Gala #120


A Child’s Choice Montessori School (pre-6)

1797 S. Millennium Way





Idaho Coalition of Home Educators



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