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The Land

The parcel of land identified as 28 Punkin Center road consists of 49 acres of dry pasture land with a seasonal creek running through one corner of the acreage. The eastern edge of the parcel is defined by the railroad tracks, Punkin Center Road defines the western edge with picturesque fields, hills and ranches on the northern and southern boundary. The parcel is divided into two separate pastures making it very convenient to rotate grazing animals to prevent over grazing.


As in all things real estate, location is key and 2 8 Punkin Center Road is a prime example of this age old adage. Because of its close proximity to the Silver Creek Preserve, the property enjoys visits from a number of big game animals, waterfowl, birds and non-game animals alike. In fact, the current owners report a recent visit from a moose to the front yard! Most buyers find it difficult to purchase property in such close proximity to the Silver Creek Preserve because of the large number of conservation easements that have been procured over the years which has resulted in large tracts of land that cannot be divided. 28 Punkin Center Road is truly unique in that it is zoned as a 20 acre parcel making a split possible for a new owner which adds additional value and opportunity for future land uses.

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