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Jordan Valley is located on U.S. Hwy. 95, between Idaho and Nevada in Southeastern Oregon. Come and visit with us!
Jordan Valley is the center for many fascinating side trips, from a few miles to 25 or 35 miles distance. Scenery of the area has been compared to places as magnificent as the Grand Canyon.



  • Three Fingers Rock is nearby

  • Succor Creek Canyon is a scenic canyon, with many interesting rock formations. A rock hound's paradise.

  • Silver City, Idaho—An abandoned mining town to explore, with Old Hotel and homes.

  • Antelope Reservoir-- Trout fishing and boating.

  • Leslie Gulch-- Rock formations of rugged beauty, ending at Owyhee Reservoir where there is good fishing for bass and crappie.

  • Owyhee Breaks-- From Mahogany Mountain – a view comparable to Grand Canyon's beauty.

  • Jordan Crater-- Active less than 2500 years ago, explore in and around, with dead lava flows.

  • Rattlesnake Caves-- A large cave abounding with rattlesnakes.

  • Rome Cliffs-- Fascinating rock formations resembling castles, at Rome, Oregon

  • Owyhee River-- Excellent white water rafting and kayaking, fishing.

  • DeLamar Silver Mine—Located in the Owyhee Mountains, at one time a large producer of silver and gold, and no longer in operation.

  • Big Loop Rodeo-- 20' Loop horse roping and events. Every 3rd weekend in May – nationally acclaimed with many vendors.

  • Cow Lakes—Two lakes about 14 miles west of Jordan Valley, with boat ramps and restrooms.

  • Jordan Valley Pelota Frontoia-- Basque Handball Court built in 1915, restored in 1997.

  • Jean Baptiste Charbonneau's Historic Gravesite-- Son of Sacagawea & Toussaint Charbonneau (Lewis & Clark Expedition), buried in

  • Danner, some 15 miles from Jordan Valley.

  • Everywhere—Petrified wood, Indian relics, agates, crystals, etc. can be found in the vicinity of Jordan Valley

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