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From now until May 15th,

Enter* to win a $50.00

Gift Card to Home Depot!

*Must be a resident of Ada, Canyon, Boise or Gem county to enter.  Must also be at least 

18 years of age.

How to Enter:

Step #1 - Find the 5 Pineapples

• Five of our listings are marked with a            in the upper left-hand corner.  (These may

be on our "Featured Listings" page OR "Sold Listings" page, so be sure to check both.)

• When you find a marked listing, click on the image to view the Virtual Tour.  

Somewhere in one of the images, there will be a PINEAPPLE!  It may be simply sitting on the counter or embroidered on a handtowel - so you'll have to look closely.  You must find the pineapple in ALL 5 LISTINGS to enter.  In the sample image below, the pineapple is

sitting on the shelf.

Step #2 - Fill out the Entry Form (Page Left)

• Fill out your contact information.

• Indicate where you found the Pineapples by first stating the address of the marked property followed by a brief description of where you found it.  For example, for the above sample you would enter: "125 E. Stonewater Court - Pineapple is on the shelf in the bedroom."

• Read the Official Rules, and indicate on the form you have done  so.

• Click "SUBMIT" and you are entered to win!

A random drawing will be conducted on or about May 17, 2013.  Winner will be notified

and his/her name will be published here on or before May  31, 2013.  

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