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In this area of Eagle, zoning codes require a minimum 5 acre lot size.  This requirement has ensured an area of tranquility and privacy allowing the residents a place of escape at the end of a busy, stress filled day.  In fact, the current owners stated that Osprey Ridge is located in the “best neighborhood in Eagle”.  The open front yard with its simple landscape design is attractive and requires minimal maintenance and upkeep when compared to more elaborate designs featuring expansive water features, elaborate hardscapes and large specimen plantings. The expansive backyard featuring a mature landscape and multiple fruit trees is easily maintained with a simple mowing, watering from the pressurized irrigation system, some weeding and occasional tree pruning.  The grove of trees provides additional interest and privacy (although there is little need for additional privacy due to the lack of backyard neighbors!) with minimal upkeep and maintenance. However, if you need space for livestock, vehicle storage/parking, barns or other outbuildings to accommodate hobbies or business pursuits you will find ample space here at Osprey Ridge to create those areas. The simple lines of the split vinyl fences surrounding the property combined with the architecture of the house reminds us of an earlier era and life on the homestead.  Consisting of a full five acres, life on Osprey Ridge is one of simple enjoyment.  Why not check it out for yourself?

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