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Over the past two decades Boise Idaho has risen in prominence as a destination location for affluent buyers looking for luxury living in an outdoor oriented / family friendly environment.  And through it all, Eagle—a quaint bedroom community for Boise’s executives and entrepreneurs—has become the undisputed destination of choice for those looking for the best within the Treasure Valley.


Why?  First and foremost is Eagle’s unique location within the valley.  Located North and West of the bulk of the valley’s population centers, Eagle is the closest of all of Boise’s outlying communities to the vacation and outdoor recreation destinations to the North—The resort towns of McCall and Cascade, the world class skiing of Tamarack and Brundage, the endless Idaho wilderness area and three major river systems.  This means a 30-to-40-minute head start when heading to the mountains for some downtime. In addition, Eagle commuters enjoy a twenty-minute commute to downtown Boise, the capital building, Boise State University, and most of Boise’s major employers.


The Boise River and its 27-mile greenbelt walking path cut through the heart of Eagle and provide safe, outdoor activities for Eagle’s active residents. It’s quaint downtown corridor still reflects its small-town origins where many of its original buildings still operate as going concerns.  And surrounding this quintessential small-town Idaho downtown core, lie a variety of richly landscaped estate and acreage lots, accenting the Boise River and the greenery not seen in other Boise suburbs. (As a result, Eagle’s real estate appreciation leads the valley.  Median prices are over double that of the metropolitan area at large.)  


If Eagle is among the best that Boise area has to offer, the Williamson River Ranch community is among the best Eagle has to offer.  Consisting of quarter acre lots around ponds in the water district of Eagle, the WRR is minutes of downtown Eagle and walking distance to many businesses and dining options along with the amenities of the Boise River using the Greenbelt - of which, you have private access to!

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