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Dirty Harry's Car Wash

2117 S Broadway Ave

Boise,  Idaho 83706



Wonderful Investment Opportunity!

     Everyone washes their cars, trucks, and toys, so what better business to own than a car wash?   This well established car wash  is  near the BSU campus, next door to a Les Shwabb Tire Center, and on the very busy street of S Broadway Ave in Boise.  This self serve car wash has 5 bays.   All bays operate via cash or credit card and the vending machines provide all your detailing needs. After washing your car, complete the process by shampooing the interior and/or vacuuming out the interior. 

Signage is on Broadway Avenue.   Carwash is fully lit in all bays beginning at dusk until dawn.  Please see slide show below for more views and also the Demographics for the area.


                                                     1 Mi             3 Mi

Population                                     15,481       83,966

Households                                     7,265      38,548

Average Age                                35.203           8.30

Median HH Income                  $37,553   $46,635

Daytime Employees                  14,362      84,532

Population Growth '18-'23          9.0%         8.8%

Household Growth '18-'23           9.1%         8.8%

Traffic Counts


Collection Street             Cross Street             Traffic Vol          Year             Distance

Broadway Ave                         Howe St N             24,351                        2014             0.03 mi

Broadway Ave                  Howe St N                  24,500                2017                 .03 mi

Howe St                           Longmont Ave E            836                       2017              0.07 mi

Howe St                           Denver Ave W                 647                 2017          0.08 mi

W Boise Ave                     Denver Ave SE         8,536                 016                0.12 mi

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