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Two Rivers

When the first settlers arrived in the area currently known as Eagle, Idaho in the late 1800's, they quickly determined that the best location to build their dream home was on the "island" between the North and South Channels of the Boise River.  This location provided easy access to all the things needed to be successful in their subsistence life style - fertile soil, water for irrigation and drinking, trees for shelter and fuel, wild game for hunting plus close proximity to the towns of Boise and Meridian for socializing and commerce. More than a century later, most of us no longer need these things to provide basic sustenance for our families but we do look to the elements of water, trees and wildlife to provide peace and harmony in our hectic lifestyles.  


At the beginning of the 21st century, well known Idaho developer, Dennis Baker, recognized that the "island" between the North and South Channels of the Boise River was still THE best location to build a dream home in the Eagle area because of its proximity to water, trees, wildlife and commerce.  After careful planning and construction of the clubhouse, pool, roadways and common area, the first home sites in the premier subdivision of Two Rivers became available in 2000. Two Rivers subdivision capitalizes on the elements of water and trees by providing over 200 acres of landscaped open space adorned by thousands of flowers, shrubs and mature trees.  In addition to the 354 home sites, the subdivision also includes 16 ponds and 41 water features all of which can be viewed from individual homes or the miles of walking paths meandering through the neighborhood.  Residents and their guests can enjoy fishing for trout, blue gill and other fish in the neighborhood lakes with some competition from the ospreys and great blue herons that frequent the area.  Other visitors to the subdivision include a wide variety of ducks, Canadian geese, foxes, squirrels and an occasional raccoon, coyote or deer. 


As a resident of The Pointe gated community of Two Rivers, you will have full access to all of these amenities and the just enjoy peace of cascading water right outside your back door.


Over the years, the Two Rivers Board of Directors and all members of the HOA have worked hard to create a community that lives up to the Two Rivers HOA Vision Statement "We envision a community of neighbors working together in a private, voluntary association represented by its Board, to create a higher quality of life and increasing property values for its residents.  We envision a neighborhood that is considered by its residents and non-residents alike to be one of the most desirable places in which to live in Idaho."


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