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Check out the Eagle Comprehensive Plan and you will see that with

the proper zoning request, this 2 acre property could become the

home of Eagle’s newest Business Park. The City of Eagle defines

Business Park as: “Suitable primarily for the development of

technical park/research and development facilities, offices and

office complexes, and limited manufacturing activities, including

small-scale production, distribution, and storage of goods.  

Support activities may also be permitted.”  According to the

Idaho Transportation Department, 17,000 cars drive by this

location on a daily basis.  What an incredible opportunity to start

a new business venture (or relocate an existing one) especially

when you consider that CNBC recently stated “Next year (2015) is

shaping up to be one of those rare times when strong economic

growth is accompanied by low interest rates, the perfect mix.”


Most recognized as vibrant, family friendly residential community, Eagle’s business community is quickly becoming the “place to be”.  Eagle’s downtown and central business core is home to an eclectic blend of small shops, unique fashion boutiques, restaurants for all budgets and tastes, national/regional retailers, online retailers PLUS abundant office space for a wide variety of professionals.  Regional healthcare providers, St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus, have opened Urgent Care facilities plus a number of affiliated health and wellness clinics for residents in the Eagle area.  Several assisted living facilities serving all income brackets call Eagle home and provide a much needed service for local families. The nearby Hewlett-Packard campus is an anchor for professionals and entrepreneurs alike in the high tech industry.  Eagle is also home to a number of family owned businesses – restaurants, shops, galleries, building companies, etc.  


To learn even more about the business opportunities here in Eagle, visit the Eagle Chamber of Commerce


Whatever your training, passion or expertise may be; you can find a niche in the Eagle business community when you locate your business at 2603 W State!

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